Along with your dream of homeownership, are you also environmentally conscious? The two concepts do not have to be divergent ideas. There are many ways homeowners can “green” their homes to protect the environment and reduce the amount of Co2 given off by the heating and electrical components stored within. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Use Smart Home Technology

In order to reduce the amount of heat and air conditioning used in your home, consider installing smart home technology such as a programmable thermostat. These easy-to-use thermostats make staying comfortable a smart choice for your wallet and for the environment.

Harness FPL Solar

Installing a solar energy system on your roof can also be a savvy and environmentally conscious idea as well. The sun is an unlimited, renewable, and clean source of energy. A solar energy system can reduce, if not, eliminate your electric bill and can reduce the carbon emission from your home substantially. This is one of the larger impacts in greening your home.

Improve Insulation

One of the areas of the home where heat and air conditioning is lost is via poor insulation in the walls, attic, crawl spaces, or along the roof. Heating and cooling homes account for most of a home’s energy expenditure. Make sure your home is properly insulated to keep in the warm or cool air, depending upon the season and your temperature comfort level.

Use Sustainable Materials

When building an addition onto your home or making repairs, be sure to always consider using sustainable materials or possibly reclaimed wood. Even if you’re just renovating walls or floors, using these materials can help.

Green Outdoors

Don’t stop “greening” your home when you get to the outdoors. Add a compost pile, a recycling center, and a rainwater collection barrel to the outside of your home. For “green thumbs,” grow a veggie garden that can be a way of turning some of that CO2 into O2!