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Reduce Your Energy Bills and Carbon Footprint with Feroze Power Limited

Feroze Power Limited is proud to introduce Shamsi Ujala (portable solar panel), our exclusive project that is aimed at providing affordable and sustainable energy solutions to rural communities in Pakistan. Shamsi Ujala is a solar-powered lighting solution that is designed to bring light and power to off-grid communities, empowering them to live better and more productive lives.

Our team of experts has worked tirelessly to design and develop a solar-powered lighting system that is both reliable and cost-effective. The system is powered by high-quality solar panels that capture and store energy during the day, which is then used to power LED lights at night. The system is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it a practical and sustainable solution for off-grid communities.

The Shamsi Ujala project is a part of our commitment to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy solutions to communities that are often overlooked. By bringing light and power to rural communities, we are empowering people to study, work and socialize after dark, which has a positive impact on their quality of life and productivity.

Shamsi Ujala


Discover the Benefits of Shamsi Ujala Project

Package Includes:

SG 1212 Inverter 900-Watt, OFF Grid

Solar Panel 320 Watt Polly

Battery 100 AH

Electric Wiring

Switch Board

Running Load:

2 Fans

5 Lights of 12 Watts

Mobile Charger

Laptop Charger


Portable System

Plug n Play System Design

1-time investment

Brightness for Every Village

1 Year Solar Inverter Warranty


For Controlling Your Energy Production