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Smart City Solution for Pakistan through “Intelligent Lighting” capable of

“Power-efficient “LED Lights with Wi-Fi, Telecommunication, & Surveillance”.

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ESCO Financing based, cost-free “Intelligent LED” Lighting

Street Solution for Pakistan with Mobility, Communication, and Surveillance Capability.

V.I.S Consulting Inc. Canada and Feroze Power Pvt. Limited Pakistan are privileged to introduce a revolutionary product for Pakistan, to replace Street lighting with the most efficient energy-saving and Intelligent controls that enable these lights to provide Surveillance, WIFI, and Telecommunication through one fixture.

These fixtures are a direct replacement for the street lights that we see across our provinces and cities. We intend to replace all existing fixtures on the roads and streets of various cities with these intelligent lighting Fixtures, These fixtures are manufactured by “Conxcorp”, a leading technology company from CANADA with the most efficient technology and standards.


Salient outline features of our solution:

  • “Intelligent “LED” Based lights with an energy saving of 65-80 % over the regular lighting systems.
  • These lighting fixtures can have a built-in feature for “Mobile Network” assistance (Optional) to generate revenue for the municipality from the Telecom operator.
  • They can also be used for “Wi-Fi” and other Networking solutions (Optional) and generate revenue for the municipality from the ISP provider.
  • They can have additionally built-in “Surveillance” capabilities with high-resolution cameras, monitoring neighborhoods, and connected wirelessly to a central information center.
  • These lights can also be fitted with a “Solar Panel” to facilitate continuity of cooperation during the time where the grid power is not available.

Benefits of a CONXCORP lighting Initiative

  • Reduces Electrical and Maintenance costs
  • Precise Light Distribution for Task Surface
  • Mitigates Climate Change
  • Reduces Harmful Mercury Exposure
  • Improves Air Quality & Mitigates Climate Change
  • Increases Safety
  • Improves Appearance
  • Improves Electrical Grid Reliability
  • Funds Other Initiatives through Savings
  • Diminished Dependence on Foreign Resources (Oil)
  • Reduces Energy Consumption
  • Reduce Light Pollution (Dark Sky Compliant)
  • Solid State Technology
  • Meets all Standards and Certification criteria
  • Eligible for Rebates
  • Integrated Adaptive Control-improved efficiencies/ functionality

Project Categories

  • Municipal Streetlights
  • Municipal / Commercial Parking Lots
  • Public Infrastructure – Facilities
  • Tunnels, Underpasses, Bridges, Parks
  • Industrial Spaces
  • Office / Commercial Spaces
  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Institutional Lighting

How and Where its Works

Smart City Concept

Why Choose Feroze Power?

Smart Solar Solution Overview

What we Offer

We are solar energy specialists who are driven to create an affordable and sustainable energy future for commercial & industrial entities in the region. Our expert engineers have decades of experience and skills to provide flawless design, deployment, and maintenance of solar solutions.


Our vision is to offer energy independence and security. We have exceptional expertise in project sizes ranging from 50Kw to 2MW.


Our vision is to offer energy independence and security. We have exceptional expertise in project sizes ranging from 50Kw to 2MW.


Our vision is to offer energy independence and security. We have exceptional expertise in project sizes ranging from 50Kw to 2MW.


FPL exists and operates on principles such as transparency, social responsibility, ethics, and integrity. These are embedded in the very fabric of the company. Hence, a complete IRR-based financial feasibility is furnished, after performing detailed scrutiny of the site, to our clients which depict the payback period and relevant financial details related to the project.

A simple cleaning process is required to maintain the solar PV modules. However, the schedule of cleaning depends on the site dynamics which is suggested by the certified technical team of FPL.

The requirement for the space is dependent on the complications of the terrain as well as the tilted angle of the Solar PV modules. However, on a smooth surface, the space requirement ranges from 110 to 150 sq. Feet/KW.

Once the system is installed at your premises, you can totally stay in control of your investment by excessing and easily monitoring the system from anywhere using an internet connection. All you have to do is to log on to your specified portal on our website and review your daily usage of energy.

Yes, of course, Today’s solar technology allows the users to convert any appliance to convert on solar.

Our sun is a magnificent source of energy, and the radiation it produces is either direct (Clear Sky) or diffused (Cloudy). Consequently, during the obscured sky, diffused radiation falls on your solar modules which may reduce the overall electricity production comparing to daily expected generation.


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