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Solar energy and utility cost savings You’ve probably seen solar energy panels scattered over fields or perched high on building rooftops. You may even have a house in your local neighborhood with solar energy panels on their roof. Perhaps you’ve also wondered whether it might not be a good idea for you to install them […]

Solar energy power has been seeing a nice surge in adoption in Pakistan, with forecasts showing continued growth for both commercial and household installations. The market continues to expand, both in regard to local and regional markets. With solar energy technology continuously improving, costs keep coming down, making solar power more popular than ever. There […]

The Age of Solar power: its unstoppable advance as the future of energy There’s no stopping the age of solar power. That much is clear considering the trends that we have seen in the landscape of solar energy—as well as energy as a whole—that has seen so many developments and advances. All of these have […]

When it comes to developments in the field of solar energy, there is perhaps something that is often overlooked, especially by the casual onlooker: energy storage. Battery technology is one of the key factors that can help usher in a new era of solar power. The standard approach to the viability of this renewable source […]

Installing and using solar power systems, regardless of type, seems simple enough. Expert solar power installation companies like Feroze Power Private Limited will get it all done for you. Trained professionals like these are aware of all the factors likely to affect your solar power performance. They will assess your home carefully and then suggest the best […]

Is Solar good for your home? Why the resistance to change? Much is made about the shift to solar energy. Yet we see that only a small percentage of homes have solar panels on their roofs. Search on Google for: “is solar the way forward?” and you’ll find numerous articles strongly favoring the move to […]

Everyone wants to cut back on those massive utility bills that just keep climbing year by year. If you are interested in achieving massive savings, now is the time. Get your home ready and make the move to solar power. Whether it’s to cut back on utility costs in the long-term or simply to invest […]

Global Renewable Energy Sources are changing Hydro-power, or energy from water driven sources, has long been the main renewable energy source. From ancient times rivers were mankind’s primary source of energy. Powering mills for grinding grain, flourishing cities grew up along their banks. They generated the power that produced the flour that mankind needed. However […]

Cost go down as the race is on to get solar power as cheap as possible. The boom in solar power projects continues to drive down costs, particularly in the field of photovoltaic energy. This is despite some continued challenges regarding the aspect of investment and sustainable pricing for consumers. That’s why solar energy is […]

So you want to go solar, but you’re renting? Fear not. Whether you live in a house or apartment complex, we can still make this happen for you. But it will require only one simple, yet important step—you’ll need to get your landlord on board. Sometimes people come to us excited to go solar. They […]

The role of solar energy – how it impacts on us all Much has been said about the solar energy industry, especially the role it plays helping to keep the world green. The renewable energy sector, of which solar is a major player, continues to see considerable growth.  This is along with an increasing commitment […]

Will Solar power work in the winter? The main idea behind solar power is to use the sun’s rays to generate electric energy. This is accomplished by allowing these ray to fall on Photo Voltaic solar panels. The cells in the panels then transform the sun’s energy into usable electric current. What happens during the […]