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Solar energy power has been seeing a nice surge in adoption in Pakistan, with forecasts showing continued growth for both commercial and household installations. The market continues to expand, both in regard to local and regional markets. With solar energy technology continuously improving, costs keep coming down, making solar power more popular than ever. There […]

The benefits of solar in the winter With the onset of the winter season temperatures drop. The chilly temperatures bring  periods of freezing air, and eventually the snow arrives.  As the days become shorter, the hours of sunlight drop, with fewer clear sunny periods. The result, often, is that people who had been considering switching […]

Cupertino, California — As part of its commitment to combat climate change and create a healthier environment, Apple today announced its global facilities are powered with 100 percent clean energy. This achievement includes retail stores, offices, data centers and co-located facilities in 43 countries — including the United States, the United Kingdom, China and India. […]

Let’s face it: while our phones keep getting better, their batteries are not. We are always struggling to keep the darn things charged, especially when we’re out and about: on a road trip, during camping, at a festival, or even while spending the day in the park. The good news is that there is now […]

Going solar is a courageous decision. Most of us grew up in a society where solar wasn’t an option and it was expected of you to pay in to the power company for your electricity. Over the past ten years, the implementation of solar technology has exploded and more homeowners are excited about the prospects […]

The Trick played by Utility Companies Utility companies like to be the only game in town. They foster intergenerational dependency on their grid and fossil fuel resources which they charge top dollar for and continually escalate the price of. We are made to think that there is no other way and we have no other […]

We are often approached by homeowners who want a quick and snappy quote during our first conversation. This is not possible. Anyone who provides instant quotes without due process is selling you Solar Spam. In order to understand what your solar quote means, you will have to understand the process necessary to arrive at one. What […]

#1 Solar-powered ‘Hyperloop’ train Back in 2013, Elon Musk unveiled the idea of the Hyperloop — an ultra high-speed transit system to significantly cut down travel times between major cities. According to him, Hyperloop will take just 30 minutes — instead of several hours — for a trip from LA to San Francisco. Musk envisioned Hyperloop as […]

Have you ever wondered: do solar panels work on a cloudy day? Its just as difficult to understand how  solar panels work even on sunny days! With the sun ninety three million miles away how does its light manage to generate electricity here on earth? Travelling at the speed of light, light particles, called photons, […]

Your Current Energy Consumption The biggest factor to examine when deciding on the number of solar panels needed is the current energy usage. Since most homeowners want to produce enough energy to dramatically reduce, if not altogether eliminate their electric bill, the first step is to determine exactly how much energy a home is consuming […]

Inaugurated in 2016 in France, the world’s first solar road is paved with solar panels that can power the streetlights of Tourouvre, a small town of 5,000 in the northwest of the country in the Normandy region. The one-kilometer stretch covered with 2.8 square meters of resin-coated solar panels is connected to the local power […]