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Home and business owners are finding more reasons all the time to ditch their utility company. First it was to find a more sustainable energy resource. With access to fossil fuels dwindling every decade and a virtually limitless supply of photon beaming from the sun, it made sense to seek solar as an alternative energy source. The […]

We often concentrate on the great many advantages of going solar for homeowners. These advantages range far and wide—from increasing your property value to saving loads of money on your electricity bill, from achieving energy independence to supporting the American economy—even reducing pollution levels in your city. Of the approximate 76 million homeowners in the […]

The Trick played by Utility Companies Utility companies like to be the only game in town. They foster intergenerational dependency on their grid and fossil fuel resources which they charge top dollar for and continually escalate the price of. We are made to think that there is no other way and we have no other […]

Solar energy is the souped up that is made by our sun. Throughout the fusion process that sunshine undergoes during its lifetime, it emits radiation. The fusion process produces a variety of wavelengths of radiation and sub-atomic particles. Collecting and converting usable energy from solar radiation is usually accomplished by employing numerous forms of technology and includes various […]