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Everyone wants to cut back on those massive utility bills that just keep climbing year by year. If you are interested in achieving massive savings, now is the time. Get your home ready and make the move to solar power. Whether it’s to cut back on utility costs in the long-term or simply to invest […]

SolarReviews had the chance to interview CEO of Auric Energy, Jess Phillips; one of the partners who took the revolutionary idea of the Soleil Lofts and turned it into a reality. Why were the Soleil Lofts designed as net zero homes? The Soleil Lofts are the product of a partnership between The Wasatch Group, Auric Energy, sonnen, […]

When you think about green and renewable energy, the first image that likely pops into your mind is that of a solar panel. These are starting to become more and more visible across the various landscapes in which we live. There are actually three tiers, or levels of solar energy sources in use today. The […]