• Solar Water Pump with energy efficient.
  • Solar photovoltaic Panels with a service life of a Minimum of 25 Years.
  • Automatic controller with dynamic MPPT.
  • Inexpensive acquisition, no running costs, and no maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly

Technical Specification:

  • AC Pump Range: 0.5 hp to 20 hp
  • Panels 535 watt
  • VFD inverter
  • Electrical Wiring & Breakers
  • Switch Board

FPL Solar Services in Karachi Offers

FPL Solar Services in Karachi, pledged to provide green energy solutions in form of affordable and sustainable energy for the residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial needs of Pakistan.
FPL’s astute plans and distinctive solutions are executed under proficient experts, in accordance to the client’s need and to ensure the quality standards of delivering from design, installation, and smooth operation and to maintenance.

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