Industrial Solar Solution

Industries have Heavy load requirements and they generally have a large available area. This makes solar a perfect Industrial solution for industries. An increase in the share of renewable energy portfolio is another incentive for many big industries for using ‘industrial solar power.

The produced solar energy then powers normal operations of the plant-like lighting, ventilation, and equipment power supply.

Industrial solar power plants can also be equipped with a battery storage system to provide back-up power and maximize solar usage. Solar power plants also help in reducing the overall cost of energy for industries.

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On-Grid Solar Systems

This is the most common type and connects the system to the electrical grid and allows the homeowners to use both – the grid’s electricity and solar energy.

The unique feature of this system is that when the residents do not need power or there is an excess of it, the solar panels automatically send the excess electricity produced back to the grid, thereby making it useful somewhere else.

On the flip side, in the event that the solar panels are unable to produce enough power for the users (due to cloudy and stormy days, night time), the users get their electric supply from the grid.

OFF-Grid Solar Systems

As the name suggests, this power system is not connected in any way to the electricity grid. This system uses batteries instead that help balance out any shortfall and excesses in production and demand.

To ensure that the users do not suffer any inconvenience when the solar panels are unable to produce power and the batteries are discharged, there is an electric generator that can be added, as part of the overall system. This generator would serve as the power source during periods of short or irregular power production and or excessive demand on the power produced.

Hybrid Solar System

This system combines the grid connection with the energy storage capacity of your home – i.e. instead of sending the excess power back to the grid (as in On-grid systems), you can store the energy for use during power demand peaks or low production due to less or no sunlight. This system is highly sophisticated and gives its users reliable, cost-effective, and environment-friendly electricity at all times.

In the world today energy prices are going north and creating imbalances in the lives of the masses. The great part about solar power is that it gives you a number of choices and provides you with the edge in dealing with energy and its cost problems.