Residential Solution

Save electricity costs, do something for the environment and increase the value of your home

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Commercial Solution

A wise investment, Less electricity costs, more corporate responsibility and energy independence.

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Industrial Solution

Industries have Heavy load requirements and they generally have a large available area.

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Together Towards
Better Tomorrow

Electricity rates across much of the country recently jumped 10%. With escalating energy prices, what will electricity cost in 10 or 20 years? Guarantee your future costs today.

Would you rather pay your utility or have your utility pay you? If you act quickly you can lock in huge utility payback rates for up to 20 years! Many utilities are trying to lower the rates they pay for solar electricity returned to their grid. Now is the time to lock in these excellent rates.

Federal and state tax credits pay up to 45% of the cost of your solar system
Eliminate your electric bill. Solar systems can eliminate your entire utility bill except for a small monthly ‘service charge’.
Solar systems add value to your home. Appraisers value PV systems at 15 to 20 times the amount of annual electrical savings.
Lock in your energy costs. Current utility rates have increased roughly 6.5% per year for the last two decades, and with the increasing pressure on carbon reduction the rate will increase more aggressively.
The power your solar system generates remains stable while grid power costs will continue to rise with oil prices.
PV systems operate for decades with minimal maintenance – after your initial investment is paid off it costs nothing to produce power.
The amount of solar radiation striking the earth every 72 hours is equivalent to all the energy stored in the planet's coal, oil, and natural gas reserves combined.
Solar is a Local Sustainable Energy Solution

By going solar, you generate your home's power directly where you use it. The clean and renewable electricity you are producing doesn't just benefit your household, it benefits the community. By converting to solar, you reduce the demand for coal and other fossil fuels that would otherwise need to be extracted from the earth and transported long-distances to huge power stations. Electricity transmission and distribution losses in the US are estimated at over 7%.



Power of Ownership

Own your solar system. Optimize your cost. Maximize your investment.

Solar Program

Get all the benefits of discounted solar electricity, but without the panels on your roof

Approved Equipment

Equipment good enough for NASA – with a 25-year guarantee.

All About the Installation

FPL solar installers are employees with years of experience on roofs

Exclusive Solar Loan

Payment and Interest FREE for Two Years!

Built to Order

We only do custom work, so FPL and you are a perfect fit.

the smart way to
power your HOME


The major advantage of solar power system in a home is that it gives you the ability to produce power consistently when the sun is shining brightly and directly on your home. The power produced during this time is a lot more than the amount of power your home would use in this entire duration. What’s more you can offset your costs by selling the excess amount of power to your local power company.

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bringing Shine to


Solar energy helps decrease the amount of fossil fuels we utilize, thereby decreasing pollutants causing global warming. Solar is a plentiful, reliable and renewable energy source. Adding a solar power generating system to your enterprise is a responsible business decision that can make you feel good about benefiting the environment and reducing your electricity & fuel cost.

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save more through NET METERING


Net metering allows residential and commercial customers who generate their own electricity from solar power to sell the electricity they aren’t using back into the grid.

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"Great service, very professional, excellent communication. I'm very pleased with our new solar system."

Yahyah Khan
“The choice to go solar was very simple. We knew we were going to save a lot of money. Period.”Jahangeer Khan

“Overall, we were very happy with the service. The Solar Company made the whole process painless. We would definitely recommend them.”

Fahad Iqbal

“We were impressed with the install crew; the process was fast and they all seemed to be very well trained in their jobs.”

Sahar Sakhawat

“Overall I am very pleased with the service, installation and performance of the system. I recall when we switched on the system the downtime was only around half an hour and was very seamless indeed. The whole experience has been trouble-free.”

Raza Ahmed
“The install went very, very smoothly. We didn’t notice them and people were still playing while all the work was all going on. When you have a roof space and it’s not being used then you might as well make the most of it.”Faisal Khan
“Feroze Power offered us first class service, their staff was professional and knowledgeable, disruption was minimal and the team genuinely showed an understanding of the needs of the business and how to best meet our needs”.Sohail Ali Khan
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